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International Funding Group Trust believes in growing with the changing times. We must address the greater picture beyond just feeding a starving child; we must consider all the aspects of an individual’s life. From housing, food, clothing, healthcare, education and even employment. We believe in being part of the most advanced and most versatile group addressing humanitarian and economic endeavors today. We plan complete balanced humanitarian and economic development projects that truly impact communities and countries. We understand that humanitarian projects are our main focus in our goals; however the need to develop economic development projects in order to create badly needed jobs in third world and industrial countries is vital to making positive change in the world.

No matter how large or small the project we take on, we believe in providing the highest quality participation, services and support. Our associates and partnered groups are geared to working on projects ranging to individual business projects to large-scale international projects. Every project we developed is backed by thousands of hours of research and planning. It has taken us years to develop relationships with corporations and organizations to secure partnerships and licenses for technologies that will be used in completing projects.


We believe strongly that partnering is the key to building stronger organizations and relationships. We believe that by partnering with other organizations we can combine resources and services through joint venture endeavors to build towards a better future.

We have developed the means to pool the resources of all our joint venture groups and partnered organizations, which translates into a global network of resources. Building optimal partnerships is the key to building lasting business relationships. We believe you can achieve tangible goals for the growth of any organization that dedicates significant resources and commitment to partnering.


Primary Projects

We build green communities not just homes.

Community Empowerment
We empower communities by creating opportunities and badly needed jobs.

We find solutions to lower carbon foot prints to communities through agribusiness, micro farming, permaculture and bio diverse intercrop programs.

We provide education and train unskilled labor to complete projects.

"Individuals don't win
in business, teams do."
- Sam Walton


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