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Housing Technologies

Custom Prefabricated Steel Frame Homes

Our steel frame housing group now offer complete new packages to service the growing need for housing around the world. Our steel frame housing is by far our most popular construction method. We pride ourselves in not only meeting the needs of our clientele and members, but exceed their expectations in the form of superior housing construction. If You Can Dream It, Our Housing Group Can Manufacture It!

Our Prefab Steel Frame Home Packages are engineered for winds up to 155 mph., earthquake resistant to a seismic 4 rating and savings on homeowner’s fire insurance up to 30%. You can have your architect custom design your home that can exceed expectations and we will manufacture it for you.

Additional Prefabrication Steel Frame Structures

We offer custom turnkey structures such as sheds, shelters, warehouses, schools, health clinics, duplex rental units, multistory apartments, restaurants, multistory commercial buildings, etc. Our steel frame structure manufacturing services can’t be beat!

Exclusive and Custom Turnkey Steel Frame Manufacturing Facilities

We have years of experience building large-scale affordable housing projects. We are not just developers; IFGT Housing Group in partnership with MNL Consulting builds dreams.

We offer custom and complete packages Turnkey Steel Frame Manufacturing Facilities. We will not only supply the advanced new commercial manufacturing equipment; we will supply the resources and the training to operate the facilities. Our goal is to make affordable housing available to the world.

Our Packages Include but Not Limited to the Following:

  • Administration/office equipment
  • Manufacturing and roll forming equipment
  • Specialized technical equipment
  • Specialized CAD/CAM systems
  • Fast track concrete forms with light gage steel for concrete foundation production
  • Professional technical & manufacturing training
  • Direct support from our housing group
  • Exterior steel roll(s) to jump start your manufacturing or to construct your plant facility buildings
  • Low cost raw resources to run the facility

Competitive low cost/affordable One-Stop Shopping direct from manufactures on all equipment, construction, manufacturing, housing material, hardware, amenities, etc. We offer Supplies and Material Ranging from Low Cost to High Quality!

We offering complete housing and commercial manufacturing plants that can include facility buildings and material to jump-start your manufacturing production, then we can supply all your needs.

We Specialize in Both Humanitarian and
Economic Development Projects

Our Housing Group has Manufactured
Thousands of Homes Worldwide!


We Just Don’t Build Homes
We Build Communities


Mortarless Block System Technology

Our technology and construction method is by using Mobile Mortarless Block Factories and steel frame construction technologies, which guarantees ease of assembly, speed construction, which can be laid five times faster than conventional block masonry, that meets federal uniform building code (tested by the national concrete masonry association). With high sheer strength makes it superior in earthquake zones, fire resistant for four hours ICBO standard.

This advanced and economic method of construction does not need skilled bricklayers, the blocks can be stacked using unskilled labor, by men, women, anyone that can pick up the blocks and stack, which helps create jobs for unskilled individuals in the community. This form of superior construction using the Mortarless Block system can be laid up to 400% faster than conventional blocks. The mortarless blocks can be produced at rates exceeding 1,440 blocks per hour per machine and a crew can lay 1,200 blocks per day, which translates to a five-man crew can erect and completely finish a house in about one week. It takes about 1,200-1,500 blocks to create a 50 square meter home or a single apartment unit.

This innovative type of construction is extremely flexible when it comes to usability, texture, color and it’s uses. The Complete Mortarless Block Factory is self contained and portable to anywhere in the World, which translates to a 40 to 60% total cost savings in construction.

This system is combined with a portable steel frame construction for inner walls and insulated roofing structures that allow a superb and fast construction that meets and even exceeds construction standards. With cost savings in labor, portability, and reduced construction time, projects now can be complete in record time with a cost savings that means even more homes and structures can be built with existing allocated humanitarian funding.


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