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IFGT Global Environmental Conservation Projects

Today the need for environmental conservation is vital to our survival of world communities that rely on the land, water tributaries and the ocean for economic support. International Funding Group Trust and its partnered groups are committed to developing conservation program that address the growing concern of pollution and deforestation. We understand countries and communities around the world rely on forests, water tributaries and the ocean to provide sustenance. However through over pollution and over fishing the fragile eco systems that we rely on are being threatened at an alarming rate.

We need to start with water conservation to address mans waste on land as well as the cleanup processes available and aquatic life repopulation.
Primary Project Target Countries

Phase One of IFGT’s Global Environmental Conservation Projects will focus on the following countries as part of our start project phase, after which we will begin work on Phase Two, Three and Four. IFGT and its partnered groups will expand that range to address environmental issues in even more countries worldwide.

Phase One Startup Project Counties

• United States
• Brazil
• South Africa
• Panama
• Australia
• Vietnam
• Haiti
• Liberia
• Ghana
• Tanzania

Being Responsible Stewards
Over the World that We
Have Been Entrusted With!



This project plan will outline the types of projects and technologies we will use in these countries as well as provide a brief overview of our new IFGT Environmental Conservation Task Force that will include advanced research vessels, aircraft and mobile environmental labs facilities that will monitor and address environmental concerns globally.

General Objectives

• Advanced Research Vessel
• Advanced Mobile Environmental Research Labs
• Environmental Monitoring
• Environmental Clean-up
• Global Warming Research
• Oceanography Studies and Biotechnology Research
• Fisheries and Wildlife Management
• Water Conservation
• Reforestation Waste Management
• Alternative Energy
• Environmental Construction Methods
• Reclaiming Arid Lands
• Megafolia Fast Growth Trees
• Environmental Safe Roads to Reduce Erosion
• Environmental Dust Control & Soil Stabilization



Developing Tools in Our Environmental Conservation Projects

Deep Sea Oceanography Research Vessel

Below is MNL Consulting's concept for a long-range high-speed ocean research vessel that will double as a deep-sea rescue and recovery vessel. This vessel’s directive is to research global warming, pollution, identify contaminates, monitor tsunami activity, oceanic displacements and map the ocean floor. This advanced research vessel will be equipped with several small boats, one 5000-fathom deep-sea sub, two 1800-fathom mini subs, four 1200-fathom mini rover submersibles and a large array of scanning equipment. This research vessel will have the latest and advanced oceanography, research equipment and labs to accommodate world-class oceanography and marine researchers and their staff.

International Funding Group Trust's Environmental Conservation Task Force project will work in concert with The White Light Group’s Humanitarian Mobile Task Force. IFGT and TWLG are working hand in hand to build better projects that will truly benefit humanity and our world.


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