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About IFGT

Allan J. Willar, CPhD, President and CEO is a Medical Savings Account and Senior Assets Specialist who deals in wholesale health programs for companies and agents, including voluntary group products for dental, vision, pharmacy and other health related coverage. He has set up discount programs using international networks, works with medical records for critical care ID data banks. He also is active in his community and serves on Congressional Health Advisory Committees in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC. He is also donor founder of the Burn Siler Equestrian Foundation and the Idaho Brain Tumor Cancer Foundation, cofounder of the Justice for All Foundation, and the International Humanitarian Foundation Trust.

He is an active member of the Board of Advisors for the Educational Opportunity Fund Program for Ramapo College of New Jersey, and past AHIA Health Chair for Passaic - Bergen National Association of Life and Health Underwriters. Is an active member of the (NAABC) National Association of Alternative Benefit Consultants a member of (NACEC) National Association of Charitable Estate Counselors, an Elite Charitable Philanthropic Development Officer with The National Heritage Foundation and a member of the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).

Mr. Willar is also active in environmental projects world wide as a field representative of a major power plant construction advisory team, involved in municipal solid waste conversion to energy. He actively works with City, State, and National Governments world wide for a cleaner planet. Among other business interests he is the Pennsylvania Equalizers Representative for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and He is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for Financial Supermarkets, Inc. He is Co-Chairman of Kaempen (PIPE) Corporation Inc. (The world’s only high-tech, non-corrosive indestructible pipe, providing protection of our environment by never needing replacement, unlike pipe now in existence).

Mr. Willar has recently been appointed Chairman and CEO of Humanity Resources Development, Inc. Financial assistance and humanitarian projects for developing nations. He will be heading up an international team to provide food, clean water, medicine, energy, and reforestation.

He is Trustee of the International Funding Group Trust. The Trust is the prime vehicle for funding world wide charitable and humanitarian projects.

With over 40 years experience in a wide variety of business and investment pursuits, many of them health related, Allan Willar will lead IBT&IC’s financial and business activities to build a successful organization that will carry out our humanitarian goals world wide.

Allan J. Willar, CPhD
October 30, 2000 of
Shohola Pennsylvania



Company Affiliations

Montex Energy Technologies, Inc., Allan J. Willar, CEO, Grapevine, Texas

The Idaho Brain Tumor & Isotope Center, Allan Willar, President & CEO

Other Affiliations

Ranger with the Apache Junction Mounted Rangers, Arizona

Other Interest:

Member: Nevada Republican Men’s Club
Member: Republican Presidential Task Force
Member: National Republican Senatorial Committee Inner Circle
Founding Member: Republican Leadership Foundation
Recipient: Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom 2004


Allan J. Willar, CPhD
Apache Junction Mounted Ranger




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